Temaki Sushi Hand Rolls Recipe – Japanese Special

Temaki sushi, which translates to “hand-rolled sushi”, is a popular type of sushi rolled by hand into a unique cone shape. There is no need for any special equipment, such as a sushi mat, and the ingredients are staples that you may find in your pantry or right here on SushiSushi.

There are no rules when it comes to what you put in your temaki sushi. From different varieties of fish to an array of fresh veggies, the filling combinations are endless. Traditionally, temaki sushi is eaten by hand. It should also be served immediately as allowing it to sit too long can cause the ingredients to soften and become rubbery. Using high quality nori is especially important in Temakizushi as you want that crisp, yet melt in the mouth experience when eating it fresh.

Like most types of sushi, temaki is typically served with a sauce. Soy sauce with wasabi is a traditional option but there are other choices out there, such as Thai hot sauce or sauces made from Japanese mayonnaise, yogurt, or sesame oil.

  • Prep Time5 min
  • Total Time5 min

Temaki Sushi Hand Rolls Ingredients :

  • 60 g sushi rice (cooked and seasoned, check our sushi rice recipe)?
  • 60 g fillings?
  • 1 half sheet of sheet nori?
  • Sashimi-grade fish (e.g. tuna, salmon, spicy tuna, salmon roe, etc.)?
  • Shiso leaves?, or try other salad leaves
  • Takuan (pickled daikon radish)?
  • Cucumbers?
  • Carrot?
  • Avocado?
  • Kaiware radish sprouts? / Cress
  • Toasted white sesame seeds?

How To Make Temaki Sushi Hand Rolls


If you’re using fish that comes in a block, slice it into long sticks.


Cut a full sized sheet of nori in half unless you’re using precut sheets.


Place the nori shiny side down on a dry surface to keep it crisp.


Lay a thin layer of rice on the left one-third of the nori sheet.


Place your choice of fillings vertically across the layer of rice.


Take the bottom left corner of the nori and fold it over to start creating the cone shape.


Continue rolling the nori until a cone is formed. Use a grain of rice as glue on the bottom right corner of the cone to help keep it closed.


Repeat the steps above with the other half of the nori.


Serve with wasabi, soy sauce, and pickled ginger.