Roast Beef Tenderloin with Red Wine Sauce Recipe – French Special

You’ll love this tender and juicy Roast Beef Tenderloin served with a delicious homemade red wine sauce. It’s best cooked to medium doneness, but you can definitely adjust it to your liking. This dish is a true showstopper!
This impressive Roast Beef Tenderloin with Red Wine Sauce is the perfect main dish for the holidays! It comes out so flavorful, tender, and juicy. Plus the homemade red wine sauce is so delicious and delicate.

  • Prep Time10 min
  • Cook Time40 min
  • Total Time50 min

Roast Beef Tenderloin with Red Wine Sauce Ingredients:

  • Beef tenderloin: I used 2 pounds. Make sure it’s a whole beef tenderloin.
  • Salt and pepper: For seasoning.
  • Olive oil: For the pan, to sear the meat.
  • For the red wine sauce:
  • Beef broth: Homemade or store-bought are fine.
  • Dry red wine: I used Pinot Noir. Merlot would work too.
  • Minced shallots and garlic: For flavor.
  • Fresh herbs: rosemary and thyme, for flavor.
  • Worcestershire sauce: More flavor!
  • All-purpose flour: To help thicken the sauce. Dissolve it with broth before adding.
  • Sugar: This will remove some of the acidity from the wine.
  • Salt and pepper to taste

How To Make Roast Beef Tenderloin with Red Wine Sauce


Prepare the beef tenderloin: Let it sit at room temperature for 1 hour first. Season with salt and pepper. Then tie it with kitchen twine, as this will help with better heat distribution and therefore even cooking.
Sear it: Searing on all sides will add tons of flavor.
Roast it: Transfer to a baking dish and roast for about 30 minutes for medium. For more cooking times, see Recipe Notes in the recipe card below.


Make the red wine sauce: Simmer until reduced by half (about 20 minutes), and then thicken with some flour.


Let the meat rest and serve! Let it rest for 15 minutes before slicing.

Recipe Note:

Here are some approximate internal meat temperature and times when roasting at about 425 degrees F in the oven. This is for a 2 pound tenderloin.

Rare: 125 degrees F, about 22 minutes.
Medium-rare: 135 degrees F, about 25 minutes.
Medium: 145 degrees F, about 30 minutes.
Medium-well: 150 degrees F, about 33 minutes.
Well-done: 160 degrees F, about 35 minutes.