Au Gratin Potatoes Recipe – American Special

Easy Au Gratin Potatoes, or Gratin Dauphinois, is a comforting side dish made with thinly sliced potatoes tossed in a rich and velvety cheese sauce, then baked until golden. Every bite is delicious!

  • Prep Time20 min
  • Cook Time1 hr 30 min
  • Total Time1 hr 50 min

Au Gratin Potatoes Ingredients :

  • 5 Tbsp unsalted butter, divided
  • ¼ cup all-purpose flour
  • 2 ½ cups milk, any kind
  • 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 1 ¼ tsp fine sea salt, or to taste
  • ¼ tsp freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • ½ tsp garlic powder
  • 2 cups grated Gruyere cheese, from a 6 oz block or cheddar cheese, divided
  • 3 lbs Yukon gold potatoes, scrubbed (peeled or unpeeled)
  • Chives, to garnish, optional

How to Make Au Gratin Potatoes Recipe:


Preheat oven to 350 °F. Use 1 Tbsp butter to grease a 3 quart (9×13) casserole dish.


In a large pot or dutch oven over medium heat, melt 4 Tbsp butter. Add flour whisk for 2 minutes to cook off the flour taste. Gradually pour in the milk then the cream while whisking. Add salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder then continue whisking until sauce has thickened. Add more seasonings to taste. Remove from heat and stir in half of the shredded cheese until melted.


Peel potatoes if desired and thinly slice to 1/8” thick (a food processor makes this quick and easy). Add potatoes to the cheese sauce and stir to coat then spread the potatoes evenly in the prepared baking dish and top with the remaining grated cheese.


Cover with aluminum foil and bake for 60 minutes. Remove foil and bake another 15-30 minutes or until top is golden brown and potatoes are tender and can be easily pierced with a fork. You can broil for 1-2 minutes at the end if more browning is desired but keep an eye on it so it doesn’t burn. Rest for 15 minutes before serving. Garnish with chives and freshly cracked black pepper if desired.