Taste of Bengal Tamils


Hi Friends!!! Vannakam!!! also Welcome to my Channel Taste of Bengal Tamils! Being an IT Profession and a Mother of two 8 and 3. You can imagine How my life could be :-). Cooking is my passion forever. Due to 2020 Lock Down, I am working from home so thought of utilizing my travel time to the Office and Home for my YouTube Channel. My Mom has motivated me to create this YouTube channel. Being a Tamilian settled down in Bengal (Kolkata) named my Channel "Taste of Bengal Tamils". Delicious food serves in style! - My Mom's Food Those little words made me a cook today: "Is it cooked and have salt" if yes, it is enough! - My Dad. If you don't know cooking, learn it! simple. - My Mother-In-Law. Going to share what I learned from them with you all. Key Interests: Traditional taste of Tamil Nadu, Bengal and Burma Tamilian recipes. So, drop in your comments or send me a message to share how the recipe turned out, any recipe requests or just to connect with me. Love Mercy

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